Think beyond squares and circles by getting a pallet of Grand Flagstone Pavers. These unique stones replicate the look of irregular slabs but follow a pattern that makes them easy to install. The 15 shapes fit together with no fudging to form a sharp-looking surface that resists weathering and fading. The texture is realistic as well thanks to our precision material mixing and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

Our Grand Flagstone paving stones are safe and stylish for any foot traffic area. They’ll lend a special character to back patios, front walkways, seating areas, and outdoor living areas. (Note they are not recommended for vehicular traffic.) On hot days, Cool Touch Technology™ keeps the surface temperature lower than natural stone, making them a comfortable place to spend hours on end. View the photo gallery above for outdoor living ideas or check out the latest design guide.

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Grand Flagstone

Stunning natural stone texture and 15 unique shapes that replicate large, irregular flagstone. Fast installation with easy-to-install pattern. Uniform thickness with a comfortable end result. Multiple natural color blends are available.
15 unique shapes replicate large, irregular flagstone
Fast installation with easy-to-install pattern
Beautiful natural stone texture
90 square feet per pallet
Multiple natural color blends available


York Brown

* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color