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Menhir di Luce acts as a design object during the day and an emotional light feature at night. The well-made garden lights have a minimalistic and natural design that compliments any outdoor décor. The lights are remarkably durable, withstanding even the most extreme elements like ice and desert sun. The outdoor lights are waterproof, so they’re the perfect poolside companion. Order a single Menhir di Luce landscape light to accent outdoor décor or use a series of lights to illuminate the outskirt of an outdoor dining area. The options are endless when you choose Menhir di Luce garden lights from Nicolock Paving Stones.


  • Choose from single, double, or triple-illuminated sections
  • Choose from horizontal or inclined patterns
  • Available in 2 standard textures
  • Minimalistic and natural design complements any architectural style
  • Ice resistant
  • Stainless Steel

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Menhir Di Luce

Menhir di Luce natural stone garden lights from Nicolock Paving Stones offer an easy way to add ambiance to your favorite outdoor living areas. The innovative garden lights feature LED technology for plenty of light with less energy consumption. Use the garden monoliths to illuminate flower beds, living areas, public green spaces, swimming pool edges and much more. Menhir di Luce garden lights differ in shape and stone texture for a more natural appearance. Choose from single, double or triple-illuminated sections and two standard textures.