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Less Smoke | Less Wood | Less Mess

Add a little ambiance to your outdoor living area with the addition of a LUME smokeless fire pit from Nicolock. Designed to create less smoke while using less wood and generating less mess, LUME’s commercial-grade stainless steel fire pits are sleek addition to any residential or commercial space. LUME fire pits have the unique ability to be used freestanding or as an insert, offering superior flexibility and the ability to fit into any decor. Add a smokeless fire pit insert to a segmented retaining wall, or use the LUME fire pit as-is and enjoy the cool stainless steel finish.

LUME smoke-less fire pits are available in several models, including the LUME Multi-Sided – Sear Cooking Surface model, which includes a large, flat ledge around the edge for cooking. LUME’s other models include the LUME Multi Sided – Non Sear and the NEXT EVOLUTION SMOKE-LESS Single Side. All LUME smokeless fire pits are made from 100 percent commercial-grade stainless steel for the highest quality and longest service life. For a fire pit that puts out less smoke while using less wood and producing less waste, shop the LUME smokeless fire pit collection at Nicolock.

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LUME Multi Sided – Non Sear

The LUME is a 100% Commercial-Grade Stainless steel smoke-less wood fire pit specifically designed to burn more efficiently and emit less smoke.
Unique Design for Less Smoke
Larger Surface, More Cooking
Lightweight, Easy to Transport
Free Standing or Built-In
Modular, Removable Legs
Low Maintenance


Rim Outer Diameter (A)26"31"
Rim Inner Diameter (B)20"25"
Height (C)16 ⅜"16 ⅜"
Base Outer Dimensions (D)25 ¼"30 ¼"
Dimension (E)23 3⁄16"28 3⁄16"
Dimension (F)N/AN/A
Outer Liner (G)23 5⁄16"28 5⁄16"
Weight44.14 lbs55.46 lbs
Fit Openings23 ½" - 25 ¼"28 ½" - 30 ¼"