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Checker Block paving stones are a great solution when you need to strengthen the landscape but still want the lawn to shine through. Our waffle-shaped concrete grid pavers cover approximately 25% of the designated surface area, allowing grass to grow in the gaps. The design also helps with drainage in wet areas. We have reinforced them with steel so they meet H-20 loading specifications of 36,000 pounds per axle. A flat surface and slightly rounded edges make it safe to walk, bike, or drive on Checker Block pavers without worry.

There are many uses for the natural look and supernatural strength of square grid pavers. Use them for park walkways, overflow vehicle parking, fire lanes, service roads, and other places with frequent traffic. Each pallet contains 80 square feet of Checker Block pavers that are manufactured using our proprietary process. Visit the Nicolock Paving Stones blog for more ideas about how to use concrete landscape grids.

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Checker Block®

Gives you the strength of concrete with steel reinforcement in areas where you wish to maintain a grassy look including overflow parking, service roads, tree pits, and fire lanes. It is also ideal for stabilizing embankments along streams, rivers, and lakes. 75% surface open area for excellent drainage.
Waffle shaped concrete grid
Slightly rounded edges
75% surface open area
80 square feet per pallet
Square shape
Flat surfaces
Approved for H-20 Loading (36,000 lbs. per axle)