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Get the look of a lush green lawn with durability that can only come from concrete by ordering Turfstone from Nicolock Paving Stones. Turfstone concrete grass pavers are essentially lattice pavers, with 40 percent open areas that allow grass to grow through. Turfstone pavers can be used for driveways, walkways and other areas where improved drainage and strength are desired.

Eco-Friendly Paving Stones

Turfstone concrete grass pavers are as eco-friendly as they come. Designed to work with the natural landscape, the concrete lattice pavers are 40 percent open to allow rainwater to filter through to the soil below. The permeable pavers are perfect for helping to prevent flooding as they allow stormwater to quickly reach the soil. The grid pavers are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paving stones, which do not allow water to pass through. The open lattice paving stones are useful for stabilizing soil and also help prevent erosion.

Parking pavers

Turfstone turf pavers make great pavers for driveway installations. The unique blend of natural elements and concrete makes the paving stones practical, yet eco-friendly, solving flooding concerns while looking great. Turfstone driveway pavers are remarkably strong and can handle the weight of a car with ease. Create a Turfstone paver design as an alternative to a traditional driveway or make a turf paver walkway as a unique outdoor accent.

Order Turfstone paving stones online at Nicolock Paving Stones and go green in your hardscape design. The eco-friendly paving stones are perfect for all kinds of hardscape applications and are easy to install. Get started by finding a dealer or let us help you find a contractor to handle your entire project.

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Lattice concrete grid in rectangular pieces allows rainwater to gradually filter back into the soil. 40% flat, open surface area
Rectangular shape
Lattice concrete grid
93 square feet per pallet
Flat surfaces