These days, virtually everyone wants to do their part to help the environment. Here at Nicolock Paving Stones, we are proud to help. Given our more than 60 years in the paving stones business, you can see we are committed to our customers. That caring attitude also carries over to the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Pavers

We design and manufacture several types of eco-friendly paver stones. Our environmental pavers product showcase includes products designed to let water percolate through them when it rains. That means the water goes back into the soil and down into the aquifer rather than draining off into storm sewers or waterways, such as ponds, lakes, rivers and bays.

Water is a precious resource, so keeping a clean and abundant supply of this life-giving substance is crucial. Permeable paving stones may also reduce flooding and pooling problems in local areas because rainwater will go into the soil rather than pooling in places where you don’t want it to go.

Besides being environmentally friendly, these special pavers may help you maximize your property by creating a more permeable surface area to meet government requirements. Check with your local building inspector or planning department to learn about the rules and regulations that cover the jurisdiction where you live.

Stylish Selection

Just because these special pavers are eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style or performance. You’ll see beautiful color options here, such as Oyster and Granite, and a variety of shapes and sizes to suit just about any project. You will find eco-friendly paving stones suitable for driveways, patios and parking areas as well as service roads, fire lanes and stabilizing embankments along lakes, rivers and streams.