Use the 6-inch Nicolock Colonial Wall System when you want to create large-scale walls and structures that still have a classic appearance. These solid retaining wall blocks have a double-sided, hard-split rock face texture. In addition to walls, you can build stairs, landings, fire pits, planters, and piers. For added character and depth, our 6-inch Colonial wall blocks can be paired with the three-inch Mini Colonial Wall System.

Our consistent and durable Colonial retaining wall blocks are made in the U.S. with a superior color blending technique. You’ll be able to create a structure that’s the right height, length and shape to bring your vision to life. Find a licensed professional near you for expert installation.

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Enhance outdoor living areas with a traditional look that has modern charm by creating barriers and structures using our six-inch Colonial wall blocks.
6″ h x variable length wall faces
Hard-split rock face texture
35 square feet per pallet
Tapered sides
Solid block
Can be combined with Mini Colonial Wall


Adobe Blend
Cappuccino Blend
Chesapeake Blend*
Crab Orchard Blend
Fire Island Blend
Golden Brown Blend
Granite City Blend
Graphite Pearl Blend *
Hudson Valley Blend
Oyster Blend
South Bay Blend
Westchester Blend

* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color


  6"16"9" 15 
  6"12"9" 25 
  6"9"9" 25 
 Corner Piece6"16"9" 10 
Total    35 4,068

*Sizes not sold separately