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Sometimes bigger is better. For times like that, choose Kodah wall block from Nicolock Paving Stones. Kodah Wall Systems allows you to go bigger with your landscape thanks to their engineered design that ensures solid stacking and improved strength. The large wall stones have a natural quarried look and a modern liberal design that’s perfect for large-scale stone wall applications. Because the wall blocks have a rough texture, they look exceptionally natural, blending in perfectly with the rest of your landscape.

Kodah retaining wall blocks are sold by the pallet and each pallet includes landscaping blocks in four different lengths to give your walls a varied, natural look with fewer repeating patterns. The landscape block comes in several colors to match your decor and all retaining wall stones are designed to preserve their beauty in even the most challenging conditions. Use Kodah retaining wall block systems to build multi-level garden walls, enclosed outdoor entertaining areas or dignified retaining walls to protect your outdoor living areas from erosion. For more retaining wall ideas, check out the Nicolock Paving Stones design gallery.

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Kodah Wall

Go bigger with your landscape by using these engineered wall stones with a natural quarried look and a modern linear design for large-scale applications.
Kodah wall is a one-of-a kind large scale retaining wall system
21 square feet per pallet.

Choose your Color

York Brown


 6”42"10½” 6 
 6”30"10½” 3 
 6”21"10½” 6 
 6”12"10½” 3 
Total     2,400
Corner Piece *6”21"10½”31½242,400

*Corner Piece sold separately