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For a retaining wall that wows, choose the Belvedere Wall from Nicolock Paving Stones. The modular retaining wall system has a natural quarried look, but features precision-manufactured wall stones that interlock for strength and easy installation. Build walls, columns and piers that look incredibly natural with the Belvedere Wall System. The engineered wall stones have rich color blends throughout to enhance any landscape.

The Belvedere wall stones come in six different sizes and shapes to mimic the irregular look of genuine quarry stones, but at a much lower price point. Unlike natural stones, Belvedere retaining wall blocks fit together perfectly for a solid wall with better strength. The engineered retaining wall stones are also remarkably durable and can be used to build freestanding or retaining walls. Order Belvedere wall block from Nicolock Paving Stones to build stone walls along gardens, walkways, hills, patios and more. The stones come in several colors and are made using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that ensures consistent quality and exceptional durability. Like what you see? Find a dealer to get started on your new Nicolock retaining wall.


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Create walls, columns and piers that look and feel like quarried stone by building with these durable engineered wall stones with rich color blends throughout.
Natural stone texture on both front and back
Dimensional = fast installation and no waste
Attractive freestanding / retaining walls
Natural color blends available

Choose your Color

York Brown


 3"18"9" 12 
 6"18"9" 12 
 3"12"9" 12 
 6"12"9" 12 
 3"6"9" 12 
 6"6"9" 12 
Total   27 2,475

* Sizes not sold separately