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Fiuggi Travertine

Fiuggi Travertine with paver-shield™ technology gives the look and feel of traditional Travertine pavers with the added bonus of our patented paver-shield™ technology
Available in multi-sized rectangular shapes
Slightly chamfered edges
127 square feet per pallet
3,500 lbs per pallet
Featuring a flat surface with natural Travertine markings
Not recommended for vehicular traffic
SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT *Color availability varies by location. Please contact your local dealer to confirm pricing and availability.


Please use patterns as a reference to get you started. The diagrams shown may require more or less material if followed directly.


A7¾"15⅝"2⅜".84 30 
B15⅝"15⅝"2⅜"1.7 30 
C15⅝"23½"2⅜"2.56 20 
Total    127 3,500

*Sizes not sold separately