Square & Rectangular Outdoor Paving Stones

Create an eye-catching appearance for any outdoor space with the Rustico 6×6 and 6×9 pavers from Nicolock Paving Stones. Available in two sizes, these pavers offer multiple options for creating a distinctive pattern. Use only the square 6×6 pavers or the rectangular 6×9 pavers for a unique appearance, or combine the two to create a visually striking arrangement. The sizes are sold separately, so be sure to work with your dealer or contractor to get the correct paving stones to bring your vision to life.
These Rustico paving stones are available in a range of tones as well, giving you a variety of vibrant colors from which to choose. They feature Nicolock’s paver-shield™ technology as well, which provides long-lasting color and durability. Each paving stone features a slightly dimpled surface and chamfered edges for a sophisticated and timeless look. Choose these stones as field pavers or to create a distinctive border in your outdoor living area or commercial property.

6 x 9 Only: Adobe Blend, Autumn Blend*, Crab Orchard Blend*, Fire Island Blend*, Golden Brown Blend*, Marble Blend*, Pennsylvania Blue**


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Rustico 6×6 & 6×9

Single-sized square and rectangular shapes with a slightly dimpled surface. Chamfered edges and square corners make these perfect for inlays and borders.
Chamfered edges
6 x 6: 120 square feet per pallet
Slightly dimpled surface
6 x 9: 113 square feet per pallet


Adobe Blend (6x9 Only)
Autumn Blend (6x9 Only)*
Cappuccino Blend*
Chesapeake Blend *
Crab Orchard Blend (6x9 Only)*
Fire Island Blend (6x9 Only)
Golden Brown Blend (6x9 Only)
Granite City Blend
Graphite Pearl Blend (6x9 Only)*
Marble Blend (6x9 ONLY)*
Oceanic Blue (6x9 Only)*
Oyster Blend*
Pennsylvania Blue (6x9 Only)**
Westchester Blend

* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color

Patterns Rustico 6x6

ColCob Norm
Rustico #2
Stacked Bonded

Patterns Rustico 6x9

ColCob, Herringbone
Rustico #2
Rustico #3



*Sizes not sold separately