Roma I & II

Modular system – Rounded corners with pillowed edge allows for flexibility in freeform patterns.
Can be used with the Sante Euro Circle
Roma I: 131 square feet per pallet
Roma II: 126 square feet pallet
SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT *Color availability varies by location. Please contact your local dealer to confirm pricing and availability.

Patterns Roma I

ColCob Norm
Hol, Running Bond
Rustico #2
Stacked Bonded

Patterns Roma II

ColCob Norm
Rustico #2
Stacked Bonded


BII4.6"4.6"2⅜"n/a 740 
CII2.33"4.6"2⅜"n/a 120 
Roma II Total     126 3,278

*Roma I & II sold separately