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Easily upgrade patios and outdoor living areas with Rustico paving stones from Nicolock. The Rustico 4 Pc Combo incorporates 4 of our dynamic paving stones in one eye-catching product that’s easy to install and perfect for large spaces. Rustico 4 Pc Combos are made with paver-shield™ technology, so the color will last year after year. The larger size of Rustico 4 Pc Combos make them ideal for use in large spaces, with reduced installation times and more consistent results. The paving stones are made using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for improved strength and coloration.

Rustico paving stones have a slightly textured surface, squared corners and chamfered edges for a warm, inviting look. The paving stones are incredibly strong and durable enough to last for generations. The paving stones come in a variety of color options to match any landscaping or outdoor decor and thanks to Nicolock’s patented manufacturing process, each paving stone has a deep, rich color that’s completely saturated throughout.

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Rustico 4 PC Combo

Our Rustico 4 Pc Combo brings together four of our dynamic paving stones into a larger product that makes installation and design easier for large spaces.
Slightly dimpled surface
Square Corners
Chamfered edges
SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT *Color availability varies by location. Please contact your local dealer to confirm pricing and availability.


Adobe Blend
Autumn Blend*
Crab Orchard Blend*
Fire Island Blend
Golden Brown Blend
Granite City Blend
Marble Blend*
Oyster Blend*
Pennsylvania Blue**
Westchester Blend

* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color


Country 4 Pc
Please use patterns as a reference to get you started. The diagrams shown may require more or less material if followed directly.


A3"6"2⅜"8 100 
B6"6"2⅜"4 100 
C6"9"2⅜"2.7 160 
D9"9"2⅜"1.8 40 
Total    117

*Sizes not sold separately