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Give your landscape a touch of Old World European style and 21st-century design with our inlay paving stone. Old Vienna with paver-shield™ pavers, utilize paver-shield™ technology to produce a strong, reliable paver that’s safe for vehicular traffic. A mix of ultra-fine sand, Portland cement, and superior color blending are behind these beautiful pavers. Color Blends such as Fire Island Blend and Autumn Blend run throughout the paver so your hardscape always looks genuine.

With Old Vienna with paver-shield™ paving stones, you can get creative with walkways, driveways, outdoor dining areas, and many other outdoor spaces. The long, narrow paving stones are ideal for borders and edging, letting you add contrasts in layout and/or color. They can be paired with many different paver-shield™ pavers. Review the installation guidelines in our spec document or use our directory to connect with a contractor.

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Old Vienna with Paver-Shield ™

Now with paver-shield™ technology; this antique clay surface will bring a beautiful look and feel to borders, edging, inlays and anywhere you feel creative!


Autumn Blend*
Fire Island Blend

* Premium Color
** Deluxe Color