With their large size and easy assembly, Keystone® retaining wall blocks by Nicolock Paving Stones are the key to your next hardscaping project. The Compac III system features Keystone® block dimensions of 8 inches tall by 18 inches wide by 12 inches deep. The triangular receiving holes make assembly simple and can be used for near vertical or angled setback wall designs. Despite their large size, Keystone® retaining walls can also make tight curves for added versatility.

The Compac III makes an impression with more than just its massive presence. Choose relaxed or energetic patterns to set the right mood and rest easy knowing it will look great for decades. Visit the Nicolock Blog for information about how to build a retaining wall on a slope and other great landscaping and hardscaping tips from our experts.

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Install large wall systems that can still make tight curves by choosing Keystone® retaining wall blocks for straight vertical and setback constructions.


Adobe Blend
Fire Island Blend
Golden Brown Blend
Granite City Blend